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In the Beginning . . . Was the Command Line C R Y P T O N O M I C O N

“Rich, involving, complex and funny, surely one of the season’s best books.”

-San Francisco Chronicle

“Electrifying…hilarious… sprawling, picaresque novel about code making and code breaking… it wants to blow your mind while keeping you well-fed and happy.”

-The New York Times Book Review

“A Pynchonseque tour-de-force… [Neal Stephenson] is the hacker Hemingway


“An engrossing look at the way the flow of information shapes history…”

-Entertainment Weekly (A)

“Fascinating and often hysterical.”

-USA Today  

“The latest novel from Seattle writer Neal Stephenson almost defies description. Imagine Tom Clancy mated with William Gibson, with James Michener acting as midwife, and you begin to get the idea.”

-Seattle Times

“…a hell of a read.”


“Neal Stephenson’s CRYPTONOMICON is great news… intoxicating roller-coaster prose.. provides the clearest vision yet of why people who care about cryptography care so very much about it, and why the people who fight it-like F.B.I. director Louis Freeh-are so frightened of its potential.”

-Washington Post Book World

“CRYPTONOMICON is Stephenson 2.0, a critical upgrade.”

-Village Voice

“Neal Stephenson’s new book, CRYPTONOMICON, proves that he is the rarest of geniuses, capable of appreciating math, cultural traditions, free markets, computer programming, and the human psyche-through the same rationalistic lens-without ignoring the subtleties involved in any of them.”

-New York Post

“…enough intrigue to keep readers flipping pages…”

-Wall Street Journal

"Big complex and ambitious . . . This fast-paced, genre-transcending novel is full of absorbing action, witty dialogue and well-drawn characters . . . promises to be one of the most extravagant literary creations of the turn of the millennium_and beyond."

-Publishers Weekly (starred review)

". . .this immense volume begins a saga that may rival Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time . . . this is a book that should be bought . . . for the pleasure and intellectual stimulation it is likely to give most readers. Imagine Tom Clancy turning to cyberpunk and you have some idea of its broad potential appeal."


"[Stephenson] is the hottest science fiction writer in America. . .Snow Crash is without question the biggest SF novel of the 1990s. Neal's new SF novel, The Diamond Age, promises more of the same. Together they represent a new era in science fiction."

--Bruce Sterling, Details

"Neal Stephenson is the Quentin Tarantino of postcyberpunk science fiction. . .Having figured out how to entertain the hell out of a mass audience, Stephenson has likewise upped the form's ante with rambunctious glee."

--The Village Voice

"Brilliantly realized. . .Stephenson turns out to be an engaging guide to an onrushing tomorrow."

--New York Times Book Review on Snow Crash

"A cross between Neuromancer and Thomas Pynchon's Vineland. This is no mere hyperbole."

--San Francisco Bay Guardian on Snow Crash

"Fast-forward free-style mall mythology for the 21st Century."

--William Gibson on Snow Crash

"Stephenson's world-building skills are extraordinary. . .The Diamond Age . . .should cement Stephenson's reputation as one of the brightest and wittiest young authors of American science fiction."

--The San Diego Union-Tribune

"Diamond Age establishes Neal Stephenson as a powerful voice for the cyber age and shows that his 1992 best seller, Snow Crash was no fluke."-

-Steve Jones, USA Today

"With breathtaking vision and insight, Stephenson establishes himself as not only major voice in contemporary SF but also a prophet of technology's future."-

-Carl Hays, Booklist

"This is a story to bury your nose in."

--John R. Alden, The Plain Dealer on The Diamond Age


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